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Adguard - Antibanner new generation, but it is widely popular with angry users! Antibanner Adguard will help you not only get rid of annoying advertising but also protects your computer against various threats that can pick up on non-secure sites, banner dan cutter built a lot of filters against advertising and phishing. There is also a set of functions for setting Antibanner Adguard, 5 degrees of protection and those sympathetic. Support. Databases are updated weekly Adguard what would ensure maximum performance and protection against various threats and advertising. And with the new version 5.2 you can further enjoy the benefits of Adguard, since the new version adds such browsers as Nichrome, Yandeks.Internet, Chromium (, Palemoon as well as support for Windows 8, and a lot more clearly visible in the version Adguard 5.2

Features Adguard 5.2 Build
1. Works with all popular browsers;
2. Designed for ad-blocking characteristic you'll ever need;
3. Easy to use, invisible blocks ads in the background;
4. Has a browser module for blocking ads by hand;
5. Works "out of the box", requiring no additional configuration;
6. Is indispensable when using the 3G modem, as significantly speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth;

Description Version 5.2:
- A new multi-lingual user interface
- Added an experimental filter, the creation of which users can participate
- Added support for browsers, Nichrome, Yandeks.Internet, Chromium (, Palemoon
- Added ability to save your settings when you remove Adguard
- Added a filter for the German segment of the
- Added support for Windows 8
- Added auto-save status Antibanner and Antiphishing you restart the application
- Added ability to send a complaint to a false positive in the support

* Sped up filtering through changes at the network level
* Fixed all critical defects identified in the previous version of the program
* Fixed compatibility issues with third-party software
* Reduced load on the hard drive
* Fixed behavior of buttons "Skip" in the message of a new version
* Fixed bugs with encoding sites,, etc.
* Fixed problem when selecting the positioning system of the increased size of the text
* Other minor fixes


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